Fatherhood has changed the way Russell Brand looks at gender


Comedian Russell Brand has said that becoming a father has made him re-evaluate the way he looks at gender and forced him think twice about dressing his daughter in clothes designed for girls.

Russell and his fiancee Laura Gallacher welcomed Mabel last November, and he said she has changed his life.

He told ITV’s This Morning: “I think you have to evolve because it’s quite an abrupt and sudden change, one minute you don’t have a baby and then suddenly there is a new relative who lives in your house, not a moderate or minor relative like an uncle, a full-on person who is dependent on you.”

Russell said he looked at his daughter long and hard before settling on her name, telling the show: “I wanted to stare at her to make absolutely sure that it was the perfect name for her.
“You have got to name their essence, you look at them, ‘What is their essence?’

“I feel like she had a twinkling sparkling joyousness to her.

“We had talked about names in advance, for had she been born with different sexual organs we wouldn’t have gone ‘Still Mabel!’

However, while he would have named her something different, Russelll said he might not have dressed her differently.

He said: “Now that I have these very important women in my life, I have re-evaluated the way that I unconsciously looked at gender, because now I’ve got a daughter I think ‘wow, I don’t necessarily need to dress her in clothes that are indicative of her gender’.

“Why would you? Just see how she formulates. I’ve become quite sensitive to that and aware of it.”
Russell, who is about to embark on a 73-date comedy tour, said the show’s title, Re:Birth, refers to his new life as a father.

He said: “It’s about the way that switches on something in you as a man.

“When I first saw my daughter, I felt like some latent part of myself got switched on in that moment, something to do with my own femininity and fathomless love that I had previously speculated upon but not accessed.”

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