Christmas and New Years come with immense joy, splendor, happiness and endless celebrations besides the delightful delicacies. It’s that time of the year when friends and families get together and celebrate in full spirit. Most people are on a calorie amnesia in the month of December, when work-out schedules go take a hike, diets are ditched, sleep is forgotten and we live it up with holidays and get-togethers. In the midst of rejoicing, we often tend to binge on sweet and fried foods that are high on fats, making it common for people to feel guilty once the festive high wears off. The only way to go back to your healthy self is by taking the detox route.

The season of splurging is over and you need more than just good targets to start eating right. This is when you are perhaps officially out of nibbling on cookies, pies and pastries mode.

Usually body has its own natural mechanism to get rid of these unwanted toxins that we gather, for instance by crying, sweating, urination or even defecation. But with the increasing levels of chemicals, pesticides in our food, and with the increasing levels of stress in our society and work place the level of toxicity is becoming overwhelming for the body.

Thus detoxification beyond the natural body’s process has become a necessity today. It truly reverses the symptoms of illness and changes your life. To thoroughly cleanse or detox your entire body, your digestive system is given a rest and allowed time to repair and rejuvenate besides act as a life-changing miracle food. Here are some magical regimes to boost weight loss.

Pallavi Srivastava, Celebrity & Fitness Nutritionist & Proprietor – Q-Slim Fitness Studio says, “ Festivals are about sweets, heavy and fried snacks, our houses get filled with the rich aromas of these sumptuous treats, and we more often than usual indulge thinking it’s the festival and this is the only way to celebrate. The best way to cleanse our body post Christmas and New Years eve is to detox for a couple of days, which not only help the body to recover from the trauma of all the fried snacks and unhealthy eating habits and the lack of exercise, but also give some rest to the vital organs.”

Pallavi advices us how to go about it:

  1. Start your day with Warm water + lime juice.
  2. Make sure that you drink plenty of water to help your body flush out the toxins and metabolize them better.
  3. Breakfast- You can choose options like Soy milk along with wheat flakes or Oats or curd/ yoghurt along with fresh seasonal fruits.
  4. Mid meals can consist of lemon water, buttermilk, coconut water, nuts like almonds, pistas, walnuts, sprouts salad can be taken in between.
  5. Lunch and dinner can consist of vegetable clear soup and vegetables including all the seasonal, fresh produce of exotic vegetables like broccoli, different colored bell peppers, carrots, French beans, cucumbers along with hung curd or hummus made at home and a helping of brown rice to up your fiber quotient.
  6. Ensure that you chew your food well. Not chewing your food properly can mean inviting abdominal bloating and indigestion as the food will stay for a long duration in your gut and will thus ferment.
  7. Keep sipping on green teas and add basil leaves, cinnamon, mint leaves, ginger to help the cleansing process.

The most important point to remember during this time is that you do not starve yourself and not look at it as a weight loss option. Exercise well, meditate, eat well and healthy so the cleansing process completes itself in the most natural way!! Make sure you consult your nutritionist before starting the diet to cross check if that suits your body type and if you have any medical conditions.