Directors 'in boardroom bubble'


Senior company directors often live in a boardroom bubble, claims report

Senior company directors are out of touch with other managers in their firm and often live in a “boardroom bubble”, a report has claimed.

A survey of 1,500 managers by leadership institute Roffey Park found that four out of five board directors believed redundancies in their organisation had been handled well, compared with fewer than half of managers.

Directors felt more secure in their job, were more optimistic about the future, and were less stressed and happier with their work-life balance than other grades of management.

Jo Hennessy, director of research at Roffey Park, said: “Many senior executives are living in their own world, which has a distinctly rosy hue, for their positive view is out of sync with the concerns and challenges of managers reported by managers beneath them.

“The message to business is that well-being, or happiness at work, really does matter. It’s not just ethical, it has bottom-line impact and makes good business sense.”

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