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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Donald Trump accuses Ted Cruz of fraud following Iowa caucus defeat

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is taking issue with the results of Monday’s Iowa caucuses, accusing winner Ted Cruz of fraud.

In attacks posted on his official Twitter account, Mr Trump says “either a new election should take place or Cruz results nullified”.

A previous tweet posted by the billionaire businessman accused the Cruz campaign of telling Iowa voters that Ben Carson was quitting the race so he could steal Mr Carson’s votes.

Mr Trump came in second behind Mr Cruz in Monday’s lead-off Iowa caucuses, which he had previously described on Twitter as a “long-shot great finish”.

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  1. He should demand a do over because of the dirty tricks played by Cruz. Already we can see how sly Cruz will be as a president.

  2. Without a doubt, there should be a do over because Cruz is a fraud and by the way, he did this on purpose. I am voting Trump and I hope he goes for Rand Paul because they need to beat this tired old system that never works.

  3. Golly, just going through the comments on Glossy, I see there are many American readers. From an observer’s point, it seems there should be a do over indeed. This guy Cruz seems to be a sly fox. Trump is truly Americana, proud as a bloody peacock but you know this works for me. Only wish we can have this much excitement with our politicians. They are extremely boring and one look at all them sends you straight to bed.

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