It’s OFFICIAL – Donald Trump won the Michigan vote

Presidential-Elect Donald Trump

Michigan officials have certified that Donald Trump won the state by a margin of 10,704 votes – out of nearly 4.8 million cast – to claim all of its 16 electoral votes.

But there is more wrangling to come on the final count after the November 8 presidential vote, with Jill Stein’s Green Party serving notice that it will petition for a Michigan recount even as her party pushed forward with recount efforts in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, where Trump won by wider but still small margins.

If the results for Trump hold in all three states, as expected, the president-elect would have 306 electoral votes to 232 for Democrat Hillary Clinton. It takes 270 to be elected president.


Only if the results were overturned in all three states would Clinton have a claim on the presidency, and that is widely considered to be out of the question.

She is winning the national popular vote. With some ballots still being counted, she is ahead by more than 2 million, about 1.5% of the total counted so far.

Trump, in a series of weekend tweets complaining about the Midwest recount efforts, said the Green Party was engaged in a “scam to fill up their coffers” and that “defeated & demoralized Dems” were joining in.

Stirring the post-election pot, he made his own unsubstantiated claim of widespread voter fraud in Virginia, New Hampshire and California, saying – without evidence – that he would have won the popular vote if millions of people had not voted illegally.

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