Donald Trump set to call ISS commander Peggy Whitson to congratulate her on new space record


US President Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka will call the International Space Station next week to congratulate the ISS commander on setting a new record in space. On April 24, Peggy Whitson, the first woman to command the ISS, will beat Jeffrey Williams’s 534-day record to become the American astronaut to have the longest cumulative stay in space.

The 57-year-old biochemist also holds the record for most spacewalks conducted by a female astronaut.
Whitson’s time in space was extended to coincide with the availability of Russian Soyuz capsule – which American astronauts use to return to Earth. This comes after Trump signed new legislation adding human exploration of Mars to Nasa’s mission.

Trump hailed the work of the space agency when he signed the bill, saying it “has inspired millions and millions of Americans to imagine distant worlds and a better future right here on Earth”.
You can watch the call, which is expected to last about 20 minutes, live on Nasa TV.

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