Dozens arrested in Paris protest against new security law

Paris, France protests the lockdown and new security law

Police in Paris have arrested dozens of people during a tense and ill-tempered demonstration against a proposed security law, with officers wading into the crowds of several thousand to haul away suspected trouble-makers.

Officers targeted protesters they feared might gather in violent groups, like those who vandalised shops and vehicles at previous demonstrations.

At least 107 people have been arrested.

Long lines of riot officers and police vehicles with blue lights flashing escorted Saturday’s march through the city.

They hemmed in protesters, seeking to prevent the flare-up of violence that marked many previous demonstrations.

A police water cannon doused demonstrators at the end of the march, as night fell.

The proposed security law has been met by successive weekends of protests.

The most contested measure in the new law could make it more difficult for people to film police officers. It aims to outlaw the publication of images with intent to cause harm to police.

The provision has caused such an uproar that the government has decided to rewrite it.

Critics fear the law could erode media freedom and make it more difficult to expose police brutality.

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