Dozens die in Iraq funeral bombing


People gather at the scene of a car bomb attack at a funeral tent in Baghdad (AP)

A car bomb has ripped through a funeral tent in a mainly Shiite area of Baghdad, killing at least 41 people.

The explosion, which also left 75 wounded, was followed by scuffles between police and Iraqis angry about security failures.

The blast and three other small bombings are the latest in more than a week of attacks that have killed more than 200 people, raising fears about a rise in violence as the US military prepares to withdraw from the country.

The violence has mainly targeted the majority Shiite community and Iraqi security forces, posing a major challenge to Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and his fragile coalition government that took office last month.

The car that exploded had been parked with the vehicles of mourners, several yards away from the funeral tent, so it would not raise suspicion, police said.

Several other cars were set ablaze and nearby houses were damaged.

Young men furious over the lack of security began pelting Iraqi security forces at the scene with stones.

Anger was still high three hours later, and Iraqi troops fired in the air to disperse a crowd of residents gathering for a demonstration against the failure to prevent the bombings. Iraqi helicopters buzzed overhead.

Three other Iraqis were killed in sporadic bombings targeting Iraqi troops and an electricity official earlier.

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