Dua Lipa called for people to support charities helping refugees during the coronavirus pandemic, as she kicked off the 24-hour One Humanity Live concert.

The pop singer, 24, performed a three-song set from her home in London during the live stream, which is raising money for a variety of organisations working on the front line of the outbreak.

Before performing her tracks Pretty Please, Love Again and Don’t Stop Now, she asked viewers to think of those without the ability to self-isolate.

She said: “During this time it’s good to be kind to yourself, to ask for support from the people around you.

“For the frontline workers, all their work is not going unnoticed, they are putting themselves on the line to look after other people.

“When this is over slowly as a community we can help rebuild our economy in whatever way.

“Support the charities that are close to you, support the charities that also support refugees and people who really don’t have the opportunity to self-isolate, that do live in overcrowded areas.

“I think in whatever way you can, if you have the opportunities to donate to charities and help people out, and call your friends and reach out to them and see what they are doing.

“All those things are important during this time, that way we can look after each other collectively.”

The event is being hosted live from Dubai and is due to feature more than 150 famous faces including Jason Derulo, Ricky Martin, Eva Longoria and CeeLo Green.

Money raised will go to the Constellation Dream Fund which will fund beneficiaries such as Global Gift Foundation, Medecins Sans Frontieres and Dubai Cares.

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