Duffy homesick for Welsh beaches


Duffy has admitted she misses home

Duffy has admitted she misses being able to walk on the empty beaches of North Wales where she grew up.

The 26-year-old singer – who shot to fame in 2008 with her debut album Rockferry and hit single Mercy – is often away touring or working on music and misses the remote but inspirational surroundings of her home land.

Duffy revealed: “I obviously long for the finer things I used to experience; being on an empty beach, walking, just me and my thoughts, but that said, I never have any regrets.

“I don’t yearn, I don’t really look back; I’m constantly looking forward.”

The blonde bombshell lives with Welsh International rugby star Mike Phillips – who she has been dating since September 2009 – and their two dogs, and feels her home life keeps her grounded in the showbiz world.

Duffy said: “I think stability is really important for anyone. The finer things that keep you grounded and make you feel safe wherever it might be, so for me I definitely feel as though I’ve got something to hold close to my heart, even when I’m thousands of miles away. You have to have something to feel connected to.”

And the singer insists fame hasn’t changed her.

She said: “I’m still the daughter, still the sister and still the friend, but my family and friends always knew this was going to happen.

“I think my determination was something that couldn’t be measured. I don’t know why I wanted to belong in music. I don’t know what pushed me forward; I still to this day don’t know what I’m looking for, but they knew I was going to succeed, or die trying. I think they just had to wait in the wings and see how fate would take me.”

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