EasyJet flights hit by fuel dispute


EasyJet flights returning to the UK from Egypt were disrupted in a row over fuel payments

Holiday flights returning to the UK from Egypt have been disrupted in a row over fuel payments.

Budget carrier easyJet had to put three plane loads of passengers up for the night in Egyptian hotels after the local supplier refused to refill its planes.

Passengers on one Gatwick-bound easyJet plane that got away late from Sharm el-Sheikh were initially told in an airport announcement that the delay was due to easyJet “not being able to pay its fuel bill”.

But easyJet said on Tuesday that it had no outstanding fuel invoices with the Egyptian refuelling company and would be “changing suppliers immediately”.

Passenger Tom Stanley, 83, from Deal in Kent, arrived back nearly two hours late at Gatwick on Tuesday after an easyJet flight.

He said: “There was an airport announcement at Sharm el-Sheik that easyJet could not pay its fuel bill and that was the reason for our delay.

“Then we were told that the flight had been cancelled and then, finally, we were able to board late and the pilot told us that the airport had run out of fuel.”

The easyJet flights from Egypt that were delayed overnight were Luxor to Gatwick, Hurghada to Gatwick and Sharm el-Sheikh to Luton.

EasyJet said on Tuesday: “We can confirm that, regrettably, three of our flights were disrupted overnight due to a refuelling issue in Egypt.

“We can also confirm that easyJet has no outstanding fuel invoices with the refuelling company and as a result of the disruption we will be changing suppliers immediately.”