Editors Pick’s: Gadgets on the Go


By Deborah Thomas

With society becoming more mobile, and portable offices increasing in use, the proper tools can be quite hard to find. Whether it’s running out of battery just before the meeting, or trying to keep an organized work space when at the coffee shop, we think we have the best gadgets that are always ready to move when you are. Which one suits your lifestyle best?

Penclic Mouse R3 Wireless

The R3 Wireless mouse is a member of on amazing range of ergonomic computer accessories from Penclic. The R3 Features left and write mouse buttons as well as a central scroll wheel which doubles as a middle click button. Penclic innovative pen grip helps to counteract health issues (such as Repetitive Strain Injuries) experienced with conventional mice by creating a more natural working position. Penclic Mouse R3 Wireless is available at £59.99.

Penclic KB3

Penclic are proud to present our latest mini keyboard that looks and feels amazing. The whole casing is made of metal for an exclusive feeling that oozes quality! Enjoy the simple and sleek design of Penclic’s ergonomic mini keyboard, which combines contemporary design, superior ergonomics and function without sacrificing comfort for size.

The KB3 small size allows you to centralize your work position, creating better focus and maximized desk space. Its optimal 5 mm profile and ergonomic design decreases strain on the wrists, which also serves to counteract and reduce RSI. Quiet-touch keys reduce noise and offer great tactile feeling, allowing you to utilise small keystrokes and minimal pressure when typing, leading to quicker results and productivity. The Penclic KB3 Mini keyboard works for win, ios and android and connects via bluetooth or you can switch to corded connection if you prefer that. The Dimensions of the KB3 Mini keyboard are 28cm wide, 11.5cm Deep and 1.25cm High at its highest point. Weighing in at just 284 Grams making it the ideal peripheral when you are on the move.

The Penclic KB3 is available to buy for £79.99 and will also soon be available in Gold, Pink and Grey.

Work Smart with the Ergo-Q 260


Laptops have become a necessity for office workers, the ability to keep all your files in one portable device is too convenient to pass up. With many office workers now juggling between home, the office and meetings, the portability of a laptop is indispensable. However it has to be mentioned that prolonged use of a laptop also has its ergonomic limitations.

Working all day with a regular laptop can result in an uncomfortable working position, along with pain and discomfort at the end of a day. It is recommended that office workers spend no longer than 2 hours a day on a laptop, when used without additional accessories. Adding computer accessories can increase productivity and allow you to work for longer on a laptop, as they can reduce the negative effects on the body.

When using a laptop on a flat surface, an office workers posture becomes the main health problem. With the screen and keyboard being a single unit, a laptops design encourages a hunched over working position throughout the day. The hunched position leads to fatigue and discomfort in both the neck and shoulders. Using a laptop also discourages head movement, meaning a healthy working position can be achieved by using a raised screen. As well as a range of health problems, laptop users also type slower and less accurate due to the size of the laptop.

Using computer accessories such as a laptop or notebook stand, along with an external keyboard and mouse, can increase an office worker’s productivity by 17%. Using these accessories together significantly improves posture as well as reduces neck strain by 32% and improves worker’s comfort by 21%. By eliminating the physical problems caused by a laptop alone, workers can utilise their laptop throughout the day, rather than only 2 hours.

The Ergo-Q 260 from BakkerElkhuizen is a portable notebook stand that is super light and thin at only 7mm thickness, so it easily fits into any notebook bag. The stand also offers 5 different heights for ultimate comfort, ranging from 9cm to 21cm. As well as holding your notebook, the stand contains an integrated document holder to increase data input and productivity. The Ergo-Q 260 also has a stylish, classy appearance, made from Hylite aluminium so it’s not only functional, but looks great too.

Eliminate all the problems caused by everyday laptop use, by simply investing in the Ergo-Q 260. It’s the route to increased productivity and reduced health problems, all in a thin, lightweight portable design, perfect for on the go.

The Ergo-Q 260 from Bakker Elkhuizen has and RRP of £119.99, for further information visit Bakker Elkhuizen online.



The Besiter Maya Series of Power Banks comes in a sleek form factor in a range of colours which include Black, Brown and White. It comes in a 5000mAh, 10,000mAh and 20,000mAh capacities which means no matter what size you need, the Maya series will be perfectly suited to that.

Ultra Slim

The battery inside of the power banks is a Premium Lithium Polymer Battery which ensures that the you will get the most efficiency while also having a much better efficiency after hundreds of charge cycles when compared to other power banks.

3 Colours


The Maya series is compatible with nearly every single device that can be powered over a USB which means that the vast majority of all your devices should work with no issues whatsoever with the Maya series.


The battery pack has a smart pass through which means that you can charge both the battery pack and your devices at the same time as the TI chip inside will efficiently distribute power between your devices and the power bank so that they can charge at the fastest speed possible.

Fast Charge


The 1 or 2 USB outputs (Depending on capacity) offers a 2.1A output which combined with the TI chip inside will monitor the maximum charging speed for your device and then charge it at the fastest possible speed which will result in your device such as your tablet or smartphone getting the fastest charge possible resulting in lower charging times.

The power banks are made out of premium and durable material which will both allow for a great in hand feel alongside the fact that the power bank will easily survive being chucked in a bag and moved around all day.

The BESITER MAYA SERIES usually ranges from £11.99 to £24.99 depending on what battery size you choose.

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