Elect the Lords: Unelected House now on a Timer?

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The most coveted House of Lords has been under scrutiny amid the post-Brexit trauma. Many said in the leave campaign that the unelected elite that ran the EU is the reason why Britian should make an exit.

However, many began to take a look at the ‘unelected’ leaders in Britain and especially the House of Lords.

The age gap that was exposed during EU referendum lead many to think why they would have a House of Lords with mostly people over the age of 55. This has brought about the petition with the hashtag #ElectTheLords.

See Petition: http://ers.do/house-of-lords

“Our legislators should be chosen by the people, not appointed by politicians.”

Does the House of Lords need reform? All that can be said is if this goes through, it’s be another step to the change many yearn for.


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