#EndTheLockdown – Thousands march for freedom

Stop destroying our kids lives; Lockdown Protests;

The coronavirus lockdown plagued the start of the new decade, putting the whole world on pause. Government intervened in hopes to hold down infection rates and keep businesses afloat with grants, stimulus packages, furlough. But alas, much of the public reached their limit.

London ‘Freedom Rally’

Thousands of people gathered in central London marching to Trafalgar square in protest against the lockdown restrictions.

‘Fight for your freedom!’: One of the main chants from the crowds.

This spur of protests dates back to the initial anti-lockdown rallies from Spring 2020. March 20th, 2021 marks a year since the lockdown initiation.

Some protests leaders included Piers Corbyn, brother of former Labour Leader, Jeremy Corbyn.

Some took to social media to voice their praise to the protesters…

Since implementing lockdown restrictions, Britain’s labour market was put in disarray. The unemployment rate is rising on a quarterly basis currently standing at 5.1%, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS). As of January 2021, 726,000 fewer people were in payrolled employment compared to February 2020.

The travel, restaurant, hospitality industries have taken the brunt of the pain from the lockdown restrictions. Understandably this left many disgruntled, and with fewer vacancies available the chances of returning to their ‘regular’ life grow slim.

London Protests the lockdown; Coronavirus
Protester confronts with policeman amidst rally

The government provided the pathway for mitigating the virus over the next few months. With the lockdown set to lift on April 12th, with social clubs, pubs, and events to open from June 21st.

Protests emerge over coronavirus restrictions in Germany

Protesters in a central German city have clashed with police over coronavirus measures, with officers using pepper spray and batons against people trying to break through barriers, according to reports.

Several thousand people participated in the protests in Kassel, and in addition to clashes with police there were also several scuffles with counter-protesters, the dpa news agency said.

Several groups had called for protests on Saturday in cities across the country.

In Berlin, some 1,800 police officers were on stand-by for possible riots, but only a few dozen protesters assembled at the city’s landmark Brandenburg Gate.

Meanwhile, around 300 citizens came together on Berlin’s Unter den Linden boulevard to protest against the far-right demonstration.

Police had to intervene when some far-right protesters tried to attack press photographers, but in general, a police spokeswoman told dpa: “There’s not much going on here.”

Freedom Rally from ‘down under’

Post Saint Patrick’s Day Rally

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