EU leaders to pay Turkey €3bn for help stemming flow of migrants

EU leaders to pay Turkey €3bn for help stemming flow of migrants


EU leaders have agreed to pay Turkey €3bn for their help stemming the flow of migrants to Europe.

Two million Syrian refugees are already sheltering in Turkey, but most don’t want to stay there.

The summit between EU leaders and Turkey was organised at Turkey’s behest, following demands from Ankara of a high price for Turkish cooperation in the refugee crisis.

As part of its demands, Turkey is set to see an acceleration of its EU membership process, €3bn in aid to support Syrian and Iraqi refugees within its border and the easing of visa requirements for Turks travelling to the EU.

For its part, Turkey is likely to agree to seal its border with Greece to halt or slow the migrant flows to Europe.

Widespread skepticism about Turkey’s commitment to the deal is prevalent however, and many countries are worried about Turkey’s growing influence on the EU.

Meanwhile, Taoiseach Enda Kenny says that the downing of a Russian plane killing Turkish military is an issue of enormous concern.

Turkish forces shot down the plane saying it had violated Turkish airspace, which Russia denies.



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