European countries warned to act now to reduce risk of Zika virus

Aedes aegypti mosquito

European countries are being warned to act now to try to reduce the risk from the Zika virus.

It is being spread by a particular type of mosquito, which the World Health Organisation has said will be present in some European countries as the weather gets warmer.

The WHO says the insects should be killed, and people need to be told more about the infection.

It comes as the HSE confirmed the first cases of Zika virus here – with two people who had travelled to South America treated for illness.

Dr Kevin Kelleher from the HSE has said the mosquito responsible for the spread of the disease is not in Ireland: “It’s a disease caused by mosquitos and the people in South America have never been exposed before so they are very prone to it.

“It only really happens in tropical areas, so in terms of people from Ireland you are only really likely to get this if you travel to these areas.”

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