Ex German chancellor Schmidt criticizes West’s Russia policy

Germany’s former Chancellor Helmut Schmidt
Germany’s former Chancellor Helmut Schmidt

Former German chancellor, Helmut Schmidt said Moscow’s actions in the Crimea are comprehensible, criticizing the Western reaction to the peninsula’s reunification with Russia. Schmidt wrote in Die Zeit newspaper that President Vladimir Putin’s approach to the Crimean issue is “completely understandable,”

Although the current sanctions target individual Russian politicians and businessmen, he feels EU and the US against Russia are “a stupid idea”. He also added that if more serious economic sanctions are introduced “they’ll hit the West as hard as Russia,” Schmidt warned.

According to Schmidt, the situation in Ukraine is “dangerous because the West is terribly upset” and it’s “agitation” leads to “corresponding agitation among Russian public opinion and political circles.

Helmut Schmidt is the current editor of the Die Zeit newspaper. He served as chancellor of West Germany in 1974-1982 and prior to that, he was Minister for Defense, Economics and Finance respectively.

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