Farage: Labour election campaign ‘is bombing’


Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage has said the Labour election campaign is “bombing”.

Mr Farage was speaking about Jeremy Corbyn’s decision to remain “neutral” in a mooted second EU referendum, as he visited market stallholders in Hartlepool.

He said the Labour leader’s stance, which he revealed on BBC’s Question Time on Friday, showed a “failure of leadership”.

Nigel Farage in the Market Hall at Middleton Grange Shopping Centre

Speaking to the PA news agency as he stopped for a drink at the King John Tavern, Mr Farage said: “Brexit is the defining issue of our day and the leader of the Labour Party is going to abstain from that.

“I find that astonishing. It’s a failure of leadership. It’s also a reflection that he knows his own parliamentary party are Remainers… so he’s still trying to stay on that fence and it’s not working.

“And I think, frankly, people would say just come down on one side or the other and I think my feeling is the Labour campaign is bombing and that last night made it worse.”

Mr Farage added that the Brexit Party could win Labour seats in the election if it attracted ballots from Conservative voters.

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