Fearne Cotton: My kids are not interested in grandfather Ronnie Wood’s job


Fearne Cotton has said that her two children are not very interested in their grandfather Ronnie Wood’s status as a Rolling Stones rocker.

The TV star, who has six-year-old son Rex Rayne and three-year-old daughter Honey Krissy with Ronnie’s son Jesse Wood, said that she, however, does still get starstruck when seeing her father-in-law play live with the rock group.

Cotton told You magazine that her children “sort of get it”, but “Honey less so”, referring to their grandfather’s career.

She said: “We took Rex to the Stones gig at Twickenham last summer and he was dancing, then by about 9pm he went ‘I’m really tired’. So we slipped out.

Fearne Cotton and Jesse Wood

“Honey? Not interested. She’d rather play with her Sylvanian Families dolls, quite frankly.”

But the former Radio 1 presenter said she remains in awe of Ronnie when he joins his Rolling Stones co-stars.

She said: “I mean, they’re insane. They’re incredible. They’re an absolute force of nature.

“I’m still gobsmacked when I watch them live.

“I can sit with Ronnie and see him as my husband’s dad and my children and stepchildren’s grandfather, and then I see him performing with the Stones and go ‘Oh my God, they can do that!’”

Cotton, 37, married musician Jesse, 42, in 2014.

The broadcaster, who now hosts a podcast called Happy Place, also told the magazine that she and Jesse talk – or shout – things out if there is a conflict, and that they “do not leave anything pushed under the carpet”.

Cotton debuts her new Happy Place Festival in London next weekend.

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