Fees protesters urged to speak out


Fees protesters have been urged to give evidence of their treatment at the hands of police

Tuition fees protesters have been urged to give evidence of their treatment at the hands of police, “both good and bad”.

Jenny Jones, a member of the Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA), has been highly critical of the decision to “kettle” a large crowd.

The Green party politician said she wants to know more about what happened on November 24, the second in a series of Westminster demonstrations.

The protests were marred by ugly scenes as people attacked a stranded police van and several thousand people were penned in by police in Whitehall.

Mrs Jones said she wants Met Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson and London Mayor Boris Johnson to see evidence of what happens on the frontline.

She said: “I want to make sure that they hear the voices of people who were there on the day and get a real sense of how those involved experienced the policing of the protests.”

Ben Duncan, of Sussex Police Authority, said it has been claimed some officers acted unnecessarily aggressively and senior officers turned a blind eye.

The fellow Green party member said: “There’s also growing evidence that the kettling tactic is unjustifiable and dangerous.”

Police public order tactics, including “kettling” and the use of appropriate force, remain an extremely contentious issue.

Reviews after the G20 protests urged police to communicate with protesters, ensure officers wear identification and to revise training to help defuse stand-offs.

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