Ferrell reveals his Christmas wish


Will Ferrell is planning a quiet family Christmas

Will Ferrell knows exactly what he wants for Christmas – a new helicopter.

The US funnyman, who voices the title character in Megamind, joked that it’s about time he got a new flying machine, because he has been jet-setting so much.

“I would love to get a brand new helicopter because my old one is getting worn out!” he said.

Will is planning a quiet Christmas with his wife Viveca and their three sons, Magnus, 6, three-year-old Mattias and ten-month-old baby Axel.

“I think we’re just going to stay at home and have some quiet family time, which is pretty valuable for us, with my schedule being quite hectic,” he revealed.

“There are no big plans, just having some friends and family around and opening way too many presents for the kids.”

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