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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Fetty Wap turned up to court with $165,000 to pay a $360 fine

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Fetty Wap appeared in court on Wednesday where he pleaded guilty to numerous driving offences and was ordered to pay $360 (£283), according to NJ.

That was no problem though, because the New Jersey native had with him $165,000 (£129,000). In cash. Just because.

Back in July, Fetty was arrested – and released – for driving with a suspended licence, having windows that were too dark, and failure to replace lost, defaced or destroyed licence plates.

Or, as he put it: “DWBAR: driving while black and rich.”

After leaving the court the rapper, 25, said he did not even remember what car he had been driving.

“I got like 12 BMWs, I got like four Ferraris, I got 17 Mercedes,” he told North Jersey, wads of cash still in his hands.

“And I’m a millionaire before I turned 26.”

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