France’s former prime minister Francois Fillon and his wife guilty of fraud


France’s ex-prime minister Francois Fillon and his wife have been found guilty in a fraud trial.

Fillon was accused of using public funds to pay his wife and children for work they never performed.

Fillon and his wife Penelope, who comes originally from Wales, had denied any wrongdoing.

The scandal broke in the French media just three months before the country’s 2017 presidential election, as Fillon was the front-runner in the race.

Francois Fillon (left) with David Cameron at a Downing Street briefing

It cost him his reputation.

Fillon sunk to third place in the election, which was won by Emmanuel Macron.

The work had brought the family more than one million euros since 1998.

After missing out on a place in the run-off in 2017, Fillon, who was France’s prime minister from 2007 to 2012, then left politics.

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