Final results from the French presidential election show that winner Emmanuel Macron received 10 million more votes than far-right rival Marine Le Pen.

The official tally published by the interior ministry showed that Mr Macron collected 20.8 million votes, or 66.1%, while Ms Le Pen garnered 10.6 million votes, or 33.9%.

Mr Macron’s election support was the second highest for a French president in recent history. Jacques Chirac received 25.5 million votes, 82.2% of the tally, in 2002.

Ms Le Pen’s result was both a personal best and a best for her National Front party in a national election.

Turnout was 74.6%, the lowest for a French presidential run-off in 48 years.

With 12.1 million voters who did not cast ballots, there were more non-voters than Le Pen voters in Sunday’s election.

In another sign of discontent with the two candidates, a record number of four million voters cast blank or spoiled ballots.

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