French police face action over Macarena party at station

Police in France; Coronavirus lockdown
The French government is sending riot police to the Marseille region to help enforce mask requirements

At least two dozen French police officials are facing internal punishment for holding a party in a police station where they were filmed dancing the Macarena and violating multiple coronavirus protection rules.

A police headquarters spokesman said those involved in the party in the Paris suburb of Aubervilliers were ordered to file reports on their actions and “sanctions are planned”.

He would not detail any planned punishments.

Parties and other “convivial gatherings” are banned in all police facilities, while masks and social distancing are required and the number of people allowed in any room is limited to keep the virus at bay, the spokesman said.

In a video of the event posted by online media Loopsider, several people are seen dancing closely together without masks in a crowded room.

The video prompted criticism at a time when French police are out every night enforcing a 6pm-6am curfew, and are under scrutiny for abuses during violent protests and identity checks.

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