Fugitive warlord Joseph Kony ‘ill’

Joseph Kony

The fugitive leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army is sick and in retreat from an international manhunt, defectors claim.

The defectors reported that Joseph Kony is possibly suffering from diabetes, said Ugandan military spokesman Lt Col Paddy Ankunda.

He said the defectors surrendered to Ugandan troops in Central African Republic last month.

Kasper Agger, a researcher with the watchdog group Enough Project, said he receives many reports of Kony’s failing health but it is impossible to independently verify them.

He said the reports from defectors suggest that the apparently ill Kony “doesn’t have the same willingness to fight”.

Kony is believed to be hiding in Kafia Kingi, a Sudanese-controlled enclave on the border of Central African Republic and South Sudan.

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