Glow Game Plan!


Valentine’s day is coming, show your skin some love! We want you to feel the glow inside out. Ladies, don’t wait until the night before to start your beauty prep countdown, instead start your skincare a few days earlier. Whether you are planning a romantic night out or a getaway or are looking for one, you sure want to put your best face forward. After all who doesn’t want a glowing skin, it exudes confidence and we all know there’s nothing more attractive than that! Here are some Valentine’s day glow skincare musts to achieve, just in time for the D day.

Cosmetic Glow

    If you are wondering how to save your complexion and get the glowing, soft, clear, kissable skin in the middle of tough skin times; cold weather read on!

  1. You can get your best glow going by cozying up with a vitamin C serum. Vitamin C helps to promote blood circulation, besides detoxing the skin, decreasing uneven skin tone, brightening the complexion. You can watch out to pair it with licorice root extract, kojic acid or arbutin for bonus radiance.
  2. Kiss your skin with some alpha hydroxyl acids. This is for exfoliation to get rid of the layers of dead skin cells that tend to build up in cold months and result in dull complexion. If you befriend a glycolic acid based cleanser or at home peel, you are bound to excavate your glow.
  3. If you want miraculous glow or quick fix, give yourself an instant brightening mask a day before Valentine’s day, to revitalize, hydrate and add glow.
  4. Look for skin deep moisturizers like replenishing lipids from shea butter, botanical oils like jojoba or argan to ceramides. Cold weather reduces oil production besides harsh wind can lead to lack luster skin. However, remember to not go too heavy here!
  5. You can treat your skin by relying on some cosmetic saviors to fake a glow. For instance highlighters for dull skin, or blushers in gel texture.

For A Rosy Glow:

Aesthetician & Cosmetologist Bharti Taneja, ALPs gives us some effective and valuable tips. She tells us how to freshen and boost up our skincare routine for that lovely mesmerizing skin. ‘The most awaited day of couples is just around the corner – Valentine’s Day! Wear a naturally radiant, clean skinned look and mesmerize your loved one on this V-Day. Let your skin disclose the beauty of your heart in front of your sweetheart. Cleanse: Regular cleansing maintains your skin cleaned and flawless. Make a scrub at home for cleaning your skin. Take some mashed lentils, orange peeled powder, fuller’s earth, barley flour and add raw milk to make a paste then apply it on your face & rub it gently. Once it dry, wash your face with water and pat it dry. By regular usage of this scrub, you can remove blackheads and whiteheads. Here milk acts as an excellent cleanser to bring out impurities from deep-down of your skin.


As scrubbing is most likely to open-up the skin-pores –leaving it quite vulnerable for acne, redness and more – one should apply a toner right after washing off their scrub. Prepare a homemade toner by boiling few leaves of margosa and mint leaves in two glasses of water and drain when half of it evaporates. Cool it and apply it using a cotton swab to tone-down your freshly cleansed skin.

Add Sunscreen:

Protect your skin with SPF Sunscreen cream whenever you step out of your home. The sunscreen cream functions on your skin for 2-3 hours only thus you can apply it again when required.

Blushing Glow:

The Spring season steals the moisture of our skin which causes dullness to the skin. To improve this condition, a simple homemade face pack can be made by mixing a spoon of calamine powder, pulp of strawberry, 1 tbsp. of milk powder and some drops of honey. Apply it on your face for 10-12 minutes and wash off to reveal silky and smooth skin. The honey will hydrate & nourish your skin and calamine powder protects it from itchiness. Applying this pack will not only smoothen-up the skin texture but also helps reveal a fresh, revived and glowing skin for a great season ahead.

Instant Glow:

A perfect skin is a dream of every person with no pimples, dark circles and zits. Glowing skin has been always been a center of attraction and admiration so in order to get an instant glow on your face visit a good cosmetic clinic and get a facial. If you are young then pick the fruit facial or veg peel facial and if you are between 25 to 30 years then choose gold facial or shiny & glossy facial. Within 15 to 20 minutes you can get an instant glow on your face.

Get a young, healthy, flawless and clean skin by following the above-mentioned tips and impress your Valentine. Besides it, drinking adequate water and taking nutritious & fiber rich diet can naturally help you acquire a cleaned and shiny skin.’

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