Golf tournament for North Korea


Dylan Harris who has arranged the world's first amateur golf competition in North Korea

A young British entrepreneur is putting on the world’s first amateur golf competition in North Korea.

North Korea – regarded as one of the world’s most secretive societies – has agreed to let Dylan Harris, 32, from Wigan, organise a golf tournament at the country’s one and only golf course in Pyongyang.

Mr Harris, who runs Lupine Travel which specialises in unusual getaways, ended up organising the event “by accident” when he tried to set up a one-off golf trip for a very particular customer.

He said: “Some Scottish guy phoned me last summer and said he wanted to play golf in North Korea.”

“He kept phoning back. He said he had played golf countries all over the world and North Korea was one of the only ones left. He said; ‘can you just ask them?'”

Mr Harris, who had never played golf in his life before, made the call but didn’t expect the reaction he got.

“I did call them and surprisingly they said yes. They asked me if golf was a popular sport and they started getting interested in it.

“Then they said, have you ever put on a golf competition before? It was really strange.”

“I know nothing about golf. I never thought I would be going over to North Korea to run a golf tournament. It’s just bizarre really.”

When Mr Harris advertised the contest on his website he was flooded with inquiries.

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