Google and H&M want to make you customised dresses based on the details of your life


It seems that having nothing to wear may be a problem of the past thanks to a new app which could create a dress design based on your smartphone data.

Currently being developed by Google and H&M’s digital fashion house Ivyrevel, the Android app uses the Snapshot API within the platform to passively monitor your daily activity and lifestyle – with your permission, of course.

So, where you eat out, hang out with friends and even the weather can be factors for determining what your personalised “Data_Dress” will look like.

After a week, your context signals are passed through an algorithm that creates a digitally tailored dress design for you to purchase.

On its website, Ivyrevel said: “We believe that fashion can really amplify your personality and boost your confidence. But finding something unique to wear can be difficult.

“That’s why we, with our friends at Google, developed a technology that allows us to create one of a kind designs based on how you live your life.”

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