Google Shelving Plans On Building Self Driving Car

Driverless Car

It was a bold moonshot from the tech giant but have they been defeated by trying to get autonomous cars on the road? Well not really.

The Google car that has come out that can drive itself was ugly, an affront to those love cars for the intersection of engineering and design. Cars should be roving works of art and ingenuity.

The google car looked like a tanning booth on wheels and we are glad it’s dead.
However google’s self driving plans are not dashed, but rather moving on to a more logical step.

Rather than the company, which has no experience of making (or designing clearly) cars, they have decided to partner up with already established car manufacturers to bring the technology to consumer cars.

Google already are working with Fiat Chrysler and they are expected to work with other car manufacturers in the future to provide autonomous cars eventually.

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