Gosling and Williams' eating games


Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling played eating games to help them put on weight for their roles

Ryan Gosling has revealed how he was constantly beaten by Michelle Williams at eating contests.

The duo, who play Cindy and Dean in new film Blue Valentine, were encouraged by director Derek Cianfrance to add the pounds for the present-day scenes so they held competitions to make it more fun.

“We tried to put on some weight and we didn’t want it to be too extreme – Michelle and I had eating contests, and Michelle won!” he said.

Ryan is no stranger to putting on weight for roles.

“I did it for The Lovely Bones – I went from 150 pounds (10 and a half stone) to 210 pounds (15 stone) – and I never even shot it!” he recalled.

“It was terrible. I was fat and unemployed and walking around New York, it was not a fun time.”

He continued: “Gaining and losing so much weight is not good for you. I don’t know how guys like Christian Bale do it. I’m in awe of his commitment. It’s your job though. It’s like every job has its downside.”

The 30-year-old prefers real weight gain and loss, as compared to using fatsuits and prosthetics.

“Those fatsuits are not realistic enough,” he said. “Also, when you gain all that weight, it affects you in a way that is different. It affects your psychology and your idea of yourself.”

:: Blue Valentine is in cinemas now.

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