Guy Pearce is 'a lover of Kates'

Guy Pearce is 'a lover of Kates'


Guy Pearce admits he's a fan of women called Kate

Guy Pearce admits he loved working with Kate Winslet on the Depression-era drama Mildred Pierce because he has a bit of a crush on most Kates.

“It was extraordinary, I mean I’ve been in love with Kate Winslet for a long time, nearly as long as Kate Bush, not quite as long as my wife Kate – I’ve got a thing about Kates obviously!” the actor laughed, speaking at Bafta Los Angeles’ annual tea party in Hollywood.

The Aussie actor said of working with Winslet: “Look, she’s brilliant, she’s very bright, she’s very funny, she’s down-to-earth, she’s really up for a good time and really up for raising the standard whenever she can, so it was quite inspiring, I have to say.”

The HBO mini-series, which comes out this year, is an adaptation of the novel which was also made into an Oscar-winning film in 1945, starring Joan Crawford.

The former Neighbours star says Kate didn’t have an easy ride with the gruelling TV schedule.

“Poor Kate was pretty much in every shot of the show so she was running around like a mad woman trying to learn lines. I think it was really just about honouring her and trying to make sure she was comfortable at every moment because she had a lot to do,” Guy revealed.

The 43-year-old wasn’t kidding about his love of Kate Bush.

“Ahhh Kate Bush, still is in fact [my biggest crush] – it’s her voice, how she looks, just the strange unique creature that she is!” Guy insisted.



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