Hathaway's naked on set accident


Anne Hathaway accidentally got naked on set

Anne Hathaway has revealed how she ended up “naked unnecessarily” while filming Love And Other Drugs.

“One of my favourite memories happened in the scene when I dropped the trench coat,” the actress explained whilst promoting the film in America.

In the scene, Anne had to reveal to co-star Jake Gyllenhaal she wasn’t wearing any clothes then accidentally expose herself to his on-screen flatmate.

“I was a little nervous because I had to get nude in front of someone new and it’s a little mortifying,” she admitted.

She explained: “We’d been shooting for a few hours, the ice was broken and everything was fine, we were just back from lunch and I’d gone behind the set and was talking to someone. Then all of a sudden someone whispers ‘Annie you’re on!’ and I think because they were whispering I thought we were shooting, so I ran in and dropped [my coat] and I’m just standing there and I see Jake kind of freeze and go ‘huh?’ and I realise the camera is in a different place and we’re still rehearsing and that I got naked unnecessarily in front of everyone!”

She added, laughing: “So then I pulled my trench coat on very quickly and it was obviously a case of life imitating art!”

And the actress wasn’t the only one revealing all on-set.

“The crew decided to moon us, that was fun,” she laughed.

:: Love And Other Drugs is in cinemas now.

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