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Heathrow to begin temperature screening of passengers

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Heathrow is to begin temperature screening of passengers, several weeks after the measure was deployed by many other major airports around the world.

Chief executive John Holland-Kaye said it will trial technologies and processes which could form the basis of a common international standard for health screening at airports in a bid to encourage passengers to return to flying.

The scheme is aimed at reducing the risk of passengers contracting or transmitting Covid-19 while travelling.

The first trial will be launched in the next two weeks and will involve using cameras which are capable of monitoring the temperatures of people.

Cameras will initially be used in the airport’s immigration halls, but could be deployed in areas for departures, connections and airport staff searches.

Temperature screening of passengers has been in use by airports in some countries for several weeks as part of measures to tackle the coronavirus pandemic.

Heathrow Airport

Mr Holland-Kaye said: “Aviation is the cornerstone of the UK economy, and to restart the economy the Government needs to help restart aviation.

“The UK has the world’s third-largest aviation sector, offering the platform for the Government to take a lead in agreeing a common international standard for aviation health with our main trading partners.

“This standard is key to minimising transmission of Covid-19 across borders, and the technology we are trialling at Heathrow could be part of the solution.”

In a statement, they said they want to “drive forward” the development of a Common International Standard by trialling different technologies.

Heathrow said the trials “will assess for medical effectiveness, passenger response as well as suitability to the airport environment”.

They said that data from the trials will be shared with the UK government and the aviation industry “to jumpstart the creation of a Common International Standard for health screening”.

Other technologies under review “include UV sanitation, facial recognition thermal screening technology and contactless security procedures”

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