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Don’t we all love our beauty products, however let’s get real with the soaring prices and added chemicals in them. All this causes a damage to our wallet and health altogether! Ladies, how about making your own beauty products within the comfort of your home as easily as is possible. Also we end up practically collecting plenty of beauty products which never even get half used. There are some natural alternatives that you can buy the cheapest, easiest ingredients that you may have all in your kitchen already! So what are you waiting for, say hello to all natural, organic, vegan beauty products in your dressing. Here’s how you can make your natural substitute for your conventional beauty products. 

Homemade Options



* One entire crayon (like Crayola as they are safe even if ingested or inhaled). 

* Half Teaspoon coconut oil
* Half Teaspoon olive or vegetable oil
* Small glass jar
* Butter knife
* Pot for boiling water
* Stirring ladle
* Mold or contact lens jars work fine for storing the lipstick
* Oven mitt


  1. Choose the hue you want for your lipstick shade from the Crayola box, peel the wrap from the crayon.
  2. Bring water to a boil, reduce the heat to medium.
  3. Put the coconut, olive, vegetable oil in the glass jar.
  4. Break the crayons into small pieces so they are easier to melt.
  5. Put crayon pieces on the small glass jar containing the coconut or vegetable oil.
  6. Set the glass jar carefully into the pot with boiling water.
  7. Take the mold you choose to use to store.
  8. Stir the crayons and oils, so they mix well together and the crayon gradually melts.
  9. Transfer the liquid mixture from the glass jar and pop it into the mold.
  10. Store it in the refrigerator for about twenty minutes to half hour to set, and thereafter its ready to use.

Makeup Setting Spray From Rose Water

* One Tablespoon Aloe Vera gel or glycerine

* One cup Rose Water (Rose water is great for maintaining the balance of your skin and controls oil. Besides it has anti-inflammatory properties so it helps in acne, eczema, redness, irritation, dermatitis etc). 

* Spray Bottle

Method: Mix all the ingredients and pop the mixture to the spray bottle. 
After your daily makeup regime, spray this to your face and let it dry naturally.

Natural Mascara

* Two Teaspoon Aloe Vera Gel
10 capsules activated charcoal

* 2 Teaspoon Vitamin E Oil

* Pinch Of Bentonite Day

* Empty Mascara Tube

* Oral Syringe

* Bowl

Combine and mix all the ingredients in a bowl. 
Keep mixing until the mixture is lump-free and of smooth consistency. 
Use the oral syringe to transfer mascara into empty tube. 
Let it set, mix well for about 15 minutes. 

Powder Foundation

* Two Tablespoon Arrowroot powder 

* Pink Tone: Half teaspoon Raw Cocoa powder

* Warm Tone: Half Teaspoon Cinnamon

* Yellow Tone: Half Teaspoon ground ginger
Non Metal Bowl
Non Metal whisk or ladle 
* Small Container


* Place the arrowroot powder in your bowl, which is going to be your base. 

* Use your shade ingredient to make different shades, mix the two ingredients and set in your container. Once they are set, you can use them.
* You can make this light foundation into darker shade by applying layers.

Natural Blush

Two Tablespoon Organic Starch

* For Pink or Red Shade: One Teaspoon Beetroot powder or hibiscus powder

* Brown Shade: One Teaspoon Cinnamon or Cocoa powder 

* Golden Glow: One Teaspoon Turmeric

* Small container with lid


Keep the corn starch in your container. 
To the corn starch add the shade ingredient you would like to create and mix well. Stir until the desired hue is attained.

Eye Cream

* 2 Tablespoon Coconut Oil

* 4 Vitamin E Capsules

* Small Container
Melt the coconut oil. 
Prick open the Vitamin E capsule. 
Combine the two ingredients and mix well. 
Pour this mixture into the container and refrigerate until set or hardens.

Lip Scrub

One Tablespoon Brown Sugar

* One Teaspoon Honey

* One Teaspoon coconut or vegetable oil
Half Teaspoon Cinnamon
Half Teaspoon Vanilla Extract
Small Jar

Method: Mix all the mentioned ingredients together, transfer into the small jar and scrub all the way! 

Hair Colour

Pure, strong Chamomile Tea (brewed with 1/2 cup herbs per 2 cups water) and sprayed or poured on hair and left on for several hours. Sitting in the sun during this time will enhance the lightening effect. Fresh squeezed lemon juice, sprayed and brushed through hair and left on for several hours (in the sun) will also produce natural highlights. A chamomile tea rinse at the end of each shower (leave in hair!) will produce smooth, silky hair and naturally lighter hair over time.

Natural Eye Liner and Shadow

To make a smoother eyeliner, mix equal parts of coconut oil and shea butter (about 1/2 ounce of each) and add about 1/2 tsp of activated charcoal to make a black eyeliner that is thicker. You can also do this with cocoa powder for a brown hue.
For eye-liner, either use a tiny bit of cocoa powder mixed with coconut oil, or a tiny dab or activated charcoal and whipped shea butter. Be careful not to get either one in the eye and store the eye shadow in an old powdered eye shadow container and apply with finger or a slightly damp brush.
Mix up several colors of eye shadow using cocoa powder (brown shades) Spirulina (green shades) and arrowroot (light shades).

Beauty Expert Noorie Sen says, “DIY beauty is affordable, easy and you can get as creative as you want. Always be careful when using any products, even natural ones, near the eyes or mouth. You can keep your skin looking great all summer long with this sun lotion for warm months, simply mix ingredients like calendula and chamomile. You can create your own custom nail polish by using clear polish mixed with eye shadow for just the right color you desire. Similarly for making a lotion bar, from shea butter and beeswax with some essential oils thrown in.”


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