Honey on toast 'best hangover cure'


Scientists reckon toast with honey is the best cure for a hangover

Hair of the dog, a fry-up or drinking lots of caffeine are all popular cures for a Christmas hangover, but scientists have discovered an unusual addition to the list.

Instead of grabbing a cup of coffee and a plate of bacon and eggs, the best breakfast after a heavy night out could be toast with a large dollop of honey.

Dr John Emsley, of the Royal Society of Chemistry, says hangovers are caused when the body converts alcohol into the toxic chemical acetaldehyde.

“Only time cures a hangover, and generally the acetaldehyde will be gone by mid-morning or midday.

“You can speed recovery by taking in more fluids, but hair of the dog only works if it relieves alcohol withdrawal symptoms, which suggests you are becoming addicted.

“The best breakfast is toast and honey, which provides the body with the sodium, potassium and fructose it now needs.”

Dr Emsley added that the best way to avoid a hangover in the first place is to have a glass of milk before you start drinking, stick to gin or vodka with a few soft drinks throughout the night, and then have a pint of water before you go to bed. And remember to stock up on honey.

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