House Speaker Paul Ryan endorses Donald Trump but denies deal

Paul Ryan

House Speaker Paul Ryan still has differences with Donald Trump, but he is endorsing the Republican presidential candidate to help unify the party.

The Wisconsin Republican said to The Associated Press in an exclusive interview that his goal is to “make sure we are unified before the fall (autumn)”.

Mr Ryan had previously refused to endorse Mr Trump in an extraordinary break between the two high-profile Republicans.

He had expressed concern about Mr Trump’s tone on the campaign trail and some of his policies.

Mr Ryan said: “It is my hope the campaign improves its tone as we go forward and it’s all a campaign we can be proud of.”

Mr Ryan said Mr Trump did not offer any deals in exchange for his endorsement.

He said he e simply needed to reach the right “comfort level” to endorse the presumptive Republican presidential nominee. And he determined that Mr Trump would do more to enact conservative policies than likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Mr Ryan said: “This isn’t a deal.”

He said he decided to endorse Mr Trump early in the week after a series of three or four private conversations and ongoing communication between their staff.

He added: “I just wanted to have a good comfort level that these principles and policies were something we would be able to work with him on. And it took some time just to have those conversations.”


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