Hudgens packs a Sucker Punch in red


Vanessa Hudgens stars in new film Sucker Punch

Vanessa Hudgens has joked that she’d love to have a blood-drenched costume in her new action movie – because red looks great on her.

The High School Musical actress stars in the fantasy flick Sucker Punch, and when asked by Collider if she’d like to get covered in gore for the role she quipped: “I look good in red.”

Vanessa also revealed she still appreciated her all-singing, all-dancing role as Gabriella in the hit musical movie trilogy.

She said: “I took this movie [Sucker Punch] because Zack Snyder is an incredible director and the plot is just fascinating. It’s very appealing. What actress wouldn’t want to do it? It’s not me trying to push aside everything else that people know me as, it’s just that this is an incredible project to be a part of.”

Vanessa’s co-star Jamie Chung told the website because of the PG-13 US rating for Sucker Punch, certain things couldn’t be shown on screen.

“You can’t point the gun directly at the camera and you can’t show the knife penetrating,,, nobody gets sprayed with blood. It would have been fun”.

Vanessa added: “Yeah, you can’t kill an actual human, you can only kill Orcs.”

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