Huge crab to grab Sea Life visitors


The world’s biggest species of crab will take centre-stage in a new £200,000 Blackpool attraction called Claws.

Japanese spider crabs can reach up to 9ft in diameter and grow big enough to straddle a small car.

The colossal crustaceans will be the main attraction at the resort’s Sea Life Centre in a new exhibition opening at Easter.

The exhibition has been designed to provide an insight into the life of crabs.

The display tanks have been created to look like giant crabs, and visitors can learn everything about the creatures, from how their claws work to how they eat.

Sea Life general manager Jenn Newton said: “The Japanese spider crabs are a fantastic addition to the family of sea life exhibitions we have here in Blackpool.

“Visitors can also see the colossal coconut crab, which gets its name from actually being able to crack open coconuts with its huge claws.”

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