‘I don’t want an election’: Boris Johnson urges MPs not to back Brexit delay


Boris Johnson has insisted “I don’t want an election” as he urged MPs not to back a Brexit delay.

The British Prime Minister warned that MPs would “chop the legs out” from the UK position if they backed a “pointless” Brexit extension and stressed there were “no circumstances” in which he would personally seek a delay.

He said he believes talks with Brussels have moved forward in recent weeks because the Government “wants a deal, has a clear vision for the future relationship” and is clear that the UK will leave the EU on October 31 “come what may”.

Mr Johnson said outside Downing Street: “I say, to show our friends in Brussels that we are united in our purpose, MPs should vote with the Government against Corbyn’s pointless delay.

“I want everybody to know there are no circumstances in which I will ask Brussels to delay. We are leaving on October 31, no ifs or buts.”

Mr Johnson said he does not want an election, but reaffirmed his hope to see the UK leave the EU with a deal.

He said: “We will not accept any attempt to go back on our promises or scrub that referendum.

“Armed and fortified with that conviction, I believe we will get a deal at that crucial summit in October. A deal that Parliament will certainly be able to scrutinise.”

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