Bring the barbers back!

Cutting hair at home during quarantine without barbers opening

– By Zachary Emmanuel, Online Editor

It’s week 5 of the UK lockdown, and surely we are all tired of are hair growing out of order. Following the trends online, it looks like the public are in desperate need of a trip to the barbers. Searches report over 300% increase in search words relating to ‘haircut’, ‘hair clippers’ and more within the hairdressing space, according to Google.

Potential for Re-opening the Barbers

As it stands, unfortunately, there is no announcement of the barbers opening up. The government gave KFC and Pret A Manger the green light to reopen, so surely there shouldn’t be a problem to open up the barbers. Think about it this way, if the barbers are able to reduce the possibility of infection, then a reopen shouldn’t be an issue.

After all, some parts of China have found their methods for cutting hair amid the coronavirus outbreak.

For example, the hairdressers can wear gloves and a mask at least for exterior protection. As for the customers, an appointment system could be utilised efficiently to help out. Waiting for your haircut within the shop should not be permitted. To make an appointment, customers could use an app like Booksy to help keep track of the date and time.

Expectation vs Reality

As it stands today, the suggestions made above is speculation of an uncertain future. The lockdown is extended, which means some of us must live without a freshcut for three weeks. However, there is some hope for the general public. You could try to… dare I say it… cut your own hair. With the right set of hair clippers, and a steady hand, anyone can learn. Besides, the excuse of, “I don’t have time”, is non-existent now.

Whether you cutting afro hair, or trying your hand at making the quiff hair style, there are many sources at your disposal. The best part about cutting your hair at home is that, if you mess up, don’t worry, no one from the public will see it for at least 3 weeks! So, what are waiting for?

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