Iranian president demands sanctions lifted before talks

Hassan Rouhani president of Iran; Tehran

The president of Iran has back-pedalled on possible talks with Donald Trump, and now says the US president first must lift sanctions imposed on Tehran.

Hassan Rouhani said on that otherwise, a meeting between the two would be just a photo opportunity and “that is not possible”.

Mr Rouhani’s change of heart came a day after President Trump said on Monday there is a good chance the two could meet after a surprise intervention by French President Emmanuel Macron during the G-7 summit to try to bring Washington and Tehran together.

Mr Rouhani says that “without the US’s withdrawal from sanctions, we will not witness any positive development”.

He added that Washington “holds the key”.

Earlier on Monday, Mr Rouhani expressed readiness to negotiate a way out of the crisis following America’s withdrawal from the nuclear deal.

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