Is Social Distancing Destroying your Relationship?


By Deborah Thomas

By now billions of people are already practicing social distancing and as difficult as it is, the challenge in itself is a challenge. Social distancing is now causing a social recession worldwide and this is a tip of the ice berg as it is here to stay. The problem or rather the challenge is how to deal with relationships during this period.

Besides, there are thousands not in a relationship and are already going through that patch of loneliness. They are now worse off as the potential of now getting a meaningful relationship is near zero. Those meeting spots are now cancelled and all you have left is sadly looking attractive at the supermarket queues wondering if the person 6 feet away is single.

Remember the proverb made famous by the Roman poet Sextus, “absence makes the heart grow fonder”. This pretty much works for people that are genuinely in love or that have a wonderful honest relationship. If you are apart from your lover during this lockdown, you probably going through a most difficult time presently and the uncertainty on when things will be back to normal must be creating a lot  anxiety and stress.

Your priority in this situation is how to keep the momentum of the relationship going. Previously you had a exuberant way of life, enjoying weekend romantic dinners, movie nights to your shopping days. Suddenly that’s all come to halt because you live far apart and you are now left with contact by technology.

Loved up moments

New Relationships

What if your relationship is new and still in the early getting know each other better? How do you keep the flame burning and what if there is another potential interest that might compete with his or her feelings. The first few weeks are not to hard but then tide may turn if your new found love has a short attention span leading to loss in interest. In this situation your priority is to how to keep this relationship spiced up.

Married Couple

This could be the best opportunity for couples that never get the time to fix their problems to do so. This is a perfect time to fix those habits of never participating in family chores, never helping out with children’s school work or even cleaning chores because you are always working. This could also be a very difficult period for those in a failed relationship and just on the way out but now stuck in the middle of the lockdown not know what next or how to cope without literally destroying each other before the lockdown ends. This is a special situation and will need urgent care.

Domestic abuse seeking help

Resolution / Tips

  1. Text less and call more.

  2. Express yourselves honestly and tell each other how much you care.

  3. Share your best memories together more.

  4. Blow kisses to each other as much as possible

  5. If you are under attack from your partner get help immediately from your local council organisation for domestic abuse.

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