Ivory Coast police fire on crowd


Protestersin Ivory Coast are calling for an uprising to depose sitting president Laurent Gbagbo

Security forces fired on protesters for the second consecutive day in Ivory Coast’s biggest city, following a call for an “Egypt-style” uprising to depose sitting president Laurent Gbagbo.

Witnesses said military police encircled a group of supporters of Alassane Ouattara in the Abobo district of Abidjan on Sunday, before opening fire.

There were reports of several injured, though their numbers could not be independently verified.

An African Union delegation is due to arrive to attempt to find a resolution to the crisis.

Gbagbo is refusing to cede power even though results certified by the United Nations showed Mr Ouattara had won the November 28 election.

Mr Ouattara’s prime minister has called on supporters to rise up like in Egypt.

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