Jamie Chung welcomes back 'flab'


Jamie Chung has stayed close to her Sucker Punch co-stars

Sucker Punch actress Jamie Chung has only just recovered from the rigorous boot camp director Zack Snyder put his leading ladies through.

“Oh my gosh, yeah back to my flabby self,” the actress joked on the red carpet at the Hollywood premiere of her new film Burning Palms.

“I think most of us lost most of the muscle,” she admitted.

Sucker Punch looks set to be a box-office smash when it’s released in the UK in April.

“It’s a beautiful film, Zack Snyder is a genius,” Jamie said.

The story sees a young girl, institutionalised by her wicked stepfather, retreating to an alternative reality where she envisions a plan to escape from the facility.

Jamie explained: “From the previews it seems like it’s all action but really it’s a lot deeper than that, it’s character driven. There are these beautiful relationships, it’s what one person will do and what they’re willing to sacrifice for freedom and friendship.”

Since shooting finished last year, Jamie says she’s remained close to her co-stars Emily Browning, Abbie Cornish and Vanessa Hudgens.

“We’re seeing each other tomorrow. It’s harder because Emily lives in Australia but we all keep in touch,” she revealed.

Sucker Punch is set to be released in cinemas on April 1.

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