Lythgoe: Idol a different show


Nigel Lythgoe reckons American Idol has been transformed by its new judges

Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler have transformed American Idol, according to Nigel Lythgoe.

Season 10 is about to get under way in the States this week and the show’s executive producer insists it’s better than ever.

“It feels like a different programme because it’s so different with the personalities that now control the judging,” Nigel said, speaking at Bafta’s annual tea party in Hollywood.

“Obviously Randy Jackson remains the same, but he’s a different person. Ryan is back to being enthusiastic again, he’s gone through that dark period that they seemed to have last year, and we’re back to having fun, being creative and that feels really good,” he added.

The team behind the hit show will be hoping that the added star power on the judging panel will help fill the gap left by Simon Cowell who is instead launching an American version of The X Factor this year.

Nigel insists Aerosmith singer Steven and J-Lo have a great deal more to offer the show’s wannabe pop stars.

“Both of them are very aware of what they bring and are aware of how they treat the kids because they’ve been judged all their lives,” he explained.

Nigel revealed: “They’re not, and they shouldn’t be, good at chopping people’s legs from underneath them, they’re not that character, and it isn’t about them saying goodbye to people, it’s about saying ‘you’re through, now what you can do to improve is this’ and that’s really good for our end result which I believe this season will be finding a good star.”

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