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Friday, January 27, 2023

Jamie Foxx: My divorced parents live with me

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Hollywood star Jamie Foxx has revealed his unusual domestic set-up.

The Oscar-winning actor said his father and mother live with him, even though the pair are divorced.

The 52-year-old tells The Graham Norton Show that his father moved in with him first, after his release from prison.

“They put my father in jail for seven years for having 25 dollars of illegal substances,” the Just Mercy star says.

“He was an educator of kids in the inner city and he taught me everything I know. I couldn’t visit him in jail because I saw him as a king.

“But I wrote to him to say ‘Things have gotten good for me and when you get out I will save your life’, and he has been living with me for 20 years now.”

Foxx’s mother also shares his home, despite the fact that she and his father “have been divorced for 25 years”.

“I would always send her a ticket to come and visit, and about 12 years ago she took me up on the offer – she came for Christmas,” the US star said.

Sir Patrick Stewart, Michael B Jordan, Jamie Foxx and Jennifer Saunders on the Graham Norton Show

“New Year came and went, then her birthday in January, and then all of a sudden it was February and she hadn’t left.

“They live under the same roof and what’s crazy is that he still dates, and my mother will go to his side of the house to check things out! It’s a weirdly fun household!”

The Graham Norton Show also features Sir Patrick Stewart, Michael B Jordan, Jennifer Saunders and singer-songwriter Michael Kiwanuka.

The Graham Norton Show airs on BBC One on Friday at 10.35pm.

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