Jeremy Corbyn has pledged to “get Brexit sorted” in six months as he accused Boris Johnson of being solely to blame for the EU departure delay.

On the day the British Prime Minister missed the Halloween deadline he said he would meet “do or die”, the UK Labour leader outlined his plan to end the saga.

Mr Corbyn pledged to broker a new deal with Brussels and to put it to the people in a referendum as he officially kicked off his winter General Election campaign for number No 10 with a speech in London today.

“Friends, today is October 31,” he said to laughter from the crowd of supporters gearing up for the December 12 election.

“The day Boris Johnson promised we would leave the EU.

“He said he would rather be dead in a ditch than delay beyond today.

“But he has failed. And that failure is his alone.

After three long years of Brexit division and failure from the Tories, we have to get this issue sorted.

“We need to take it out of the hands of the politicians and trust the people to have the final say.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, surrounded by members of the shadow cabinet, kicks off the Labour Party’s General Election campaign

“Labour will get Brexit sorted within six months.

“We’ll let the people decide whether to leave with a sensible deal or remain.

“That really isn’t complicated.”

Having repeatedly pledged not to extend Brexit beyond Thursday, the PM was set to try to blame Mr Corbyn for putting back the EU withdrawal date to January 31.

In a campaign visit, Mr Johnson was expected to say the Labour leader “refused to allow” the new Brexit deal to pass and accuse him of “more dither, more delay”.


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