Jesse on meeting Facebook creator


Jesse Eisenberg says finally meeting Mark Zuckerberg was a thrill

Jesse Eisenberg has finally met Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg.

The Social Network star revealed all at the SAG Awards about how it was to host America’s legendary Saturday Night Live and have a surprise encounter with Facebook’s creator.

“Before they do the live show there’s a dress rehearsal in front of an audience and that’s where I met him,” the actor told E! News on the red carpet.

“You know, it was such an overwhelming experience and that’s probably the best way to meet him because I’d never met him before,” he admitted.

Before adding: “We were both very excited to meet.”

Despite portraying Zuckerberg on the big screen, the 27-year-old insisted there wasn’t any awkwardness during the live comedy show.

“It was wonderful, I was so happy he agreed to do it,” he revealed.

“I would imagine it must be such a strange experience having a movie made about your life.”

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