Joanna may have been killed at home


Joanna Yeates's body was found on Christmas morning by a couple walking their dogs

Detectives investigating the murder of Joanna Yeates are examining a series of clues suggesting she may have met her fate at home, amid reports the landscape architect’s body was found with no coat or shoes and only one sock.

It has also emerged that the 25-year-old openly discussed the fact she would be spending the weekend alone as her boyfriend was away.

Miss Yeates was last seen walking home to her rented flat in the Clifton area of Bristol after going for drinks with colleagues on December 17. Her snow-covered body was found on Christmas Day in a lane three miles from her home. She had been strangled.

According to The Sun, Miss Yeates’s shoes and coat were found in her flat but the grey sock is missing, prompting theories that it could have been kept as a “trophy”.

The paper reported she may have been abducted or killed in the flat and her body dumped, with a source telling the paper it was “highly unlikely” she would have gone out without shoes and a coat on a cold winter night.

Meanwhile, a friend told the Daily Mail Miss Yeates had spoken about looking forward to baking mince pies and having the weekend to herself while boyfriend Greg Reardon, 27, was away.

Police will provide an update on their progress in the investigation later as CCTV images also emerged which could show some of her last movements.

The Daily Mirror has published footage apparently showing Miss Yeates during her walk home on December 17 with a Tesco carrier bag – followed seconds later by two people.

It comes after officers suggested that more than one person may be responsible for her death, and the launch of a national appeal on Facebook for witnesses. With the murder probe continuing, police have said they are still in the dark about when and where she died.

On Tuesday crime scene investigators were at Miss Yeates’s flat, using advanced forensic techniques to examine the scene for fingerprints. There was a sign outside the building in Canynge Road saying “Do not enter, dangerous chemicals”.

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